Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

We all need to use less energy to reduce our Carbon footprint – it’s good for the planet and good for the bottom line. Once our experienced team has installed the best air management solution at the minimum cost for your premises, we can monitor the energy you use to identify spikes in consumption, what’s causing them and steps we can take to eliminate them.

With our help, we can make your business more profitable by reducing costs and cushioning you from hikes in energy prices.

Our advice to maximise your energy efficiency

All of these tips will help to create a reduction of Carbon and in your energy bill; some you can deal with yourself and for others you will need our input – but by working together we can drive down the amount of CO2 and the cost of energy used by your organisation.

For more information on your Carbon Footprint, click here.


We can reduce carbon by:

  • checking that your thermostats are operating correctly, so you’re not cooling or heating a building excessively and releasing Carbon when there’s no need.
  • optimising the air by installing de-stratification fans that move warm air from below a high ceiling, and bring it back down to ground level where people are working for a potential 20% energy saving.
  • optimising ventilation, to save up to 30% of heat loss in commercial buildings.
  • providing a supply or retrofit of high-efficiency motors.
  • fitting variable speed fans and drives, so they only work as hard as necessary, rather than being ‘on’ or ‘off’.
  • advising on intelligent/timed settings for equipment, so nothing is operating when it doesn’t need to.
  • advising on systems, which use cool “free” outside air to control heat inside.
  • ensuring that your heating and cooling systems aren’t in conflict with each other by introducing a ‘deadband’ setpoint, or temperature gap, between heating and cooling systems.

You can:

  • turn up the thermostat to save up to 4% off your cooling energy bill for every 1-degree temperature increase.
  • turn off all electrical equipment that’s not being used and encourage staff to do the same.
  • seek optimisation opportunities.
  • ask for our help and advice – it’ll probably cost less than you’ll save in the long term.

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