Nigel Barber's Rally Experience

Nigel Barber's Rally Experience

"One by one everyone had their turn with Nigel, hard on the brakes on every lap and overtaking anyone in his sights


.... I think it’s fair to say nobody overtook Nigel.. big smiles on exit and not a green face in site only the adrenaline rush smile.


Last up me, shear acceleration from the green light with the gear shifter rev limiter going red screaming change me... hard left followed by right then left and we are off, Nigel talked the lap as if he drives it in the dark, total control and makes you feel at ease even when he was cornering what felt sideways, after a few laps of hard acceleration and even harder deceleration, superb cornering the brakes over heated and it was time to come in ... Nigel says “I’ll take this lap slower” .... it didn’t really feel much slower ..


Thanks for a great exhilarating ride from a true professional driver and really nice guy, good luck with your events in 2019."

Jonathan Camm, Business Development Director

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Notts and Lincs Air Ambulance...

FELGroup's Health and Safety Practitioner Jason Craig joined with North Lincolnshire Health and Safety Group

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Yorkshire Growth 100 for 2019...

FEL Group has been listed in Insider's Yorkshire Growth 100 for 2019!

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SkillFridge Winner!

Congratulations to Ben Carter an Josh Beacock, our engineers.

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Official sponsors of DATACENTRE.ME!...

FEL Group proudly sponsored the 'Data Centre Operations' networking session...

Business Hive Patrons

Business Hive Patrons

FEL Group have recently been allocated to the Business Hive's Data Centre patrons!

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Appointment of our new Strategic Ac...

Jason Preston has been appointed as FEL Group's Strategic Account Manager.