FEL Group's optimisation measures can provide space for business-critical growth in a fully populated data facility.

66% increase in plant space, 100% increase in IT cabinet space, 300% growth potential for technical cabinets.

Energy savings realised through migrating existing servers to newly-created, more efficient room.

The client had an urgent requirement for business-critical growth in this region to meet their increased customer demand for 2018. For technical and logistical reasons, no alternative geographic site was suitable; the significant growth was mandated to be accommodated on this site.

Ultimately, space was the key limiting factor for this project. In providing more technical space, we delivered significant value to the client.



Warehouse conversion to new technical space


International television & telecommunications company


Staffordshire, West Midlands


12 weeks


2.35 years

New Room PUE


The principle element of this project was to create a new technical space within the existing building.

The entire building was surveyed, with the conversion of the empty warehouse, approximately 8m by 16m, chosen as the most suitable. Within the existing warehouse redundant offices and partitions were completely removed, and a new technical space was created to the exacting needs of the ASHRAE standard. To maximise the value of the investment, the created room space was built with a further 75% of future growth potential in mind. Weatherite VMR22 Direct free-air cooling units were selected that provide market leading energy savings. These feature low running and maintenance costs, variable air flow technology, EC fan technology and contributed significantly to reducing PUE. Providing N+1 to the room for the current requirement two AHUs were installed. However, an additional 66% plant space for a further four units was constructed for future growth potential

The new technical space featured a contained hot aisle, with a new 600mm deep raised floor to supply cold air to the cabinets.

A contained hot return air plenum was constructed utilising a 600mm deep suspended ceiling to the external units via an external return air duct. The new contained hot aisle cell accommodated 9 new IT cabinets, with additional space for a further 100% expansion of new IT cabinets.

Moreover, the technical space was built to accommodate another duplicate hot aisle contained cell, leading to a further potential 18 cabinets. (300% growth potential)

Hot aisle containment allows Freecool AHUs to supply air onto the cabinets at 25°C and have return air of 37°C, leading to full free air cooling, maximising the best-possible energy savings.

The proven outstanding energy savings realised, led to the migration of existing servers from the existing technical space into this newly-created, more efficient room to improve the site PUE.

Other works completed

To support the growth a new power room was created including:

  • Installation of new DDM125-33 Enersys DC batteries.
  • Relocation of the existing Eltek 192kW DC system.
  • Installation of two Toshiba Tall Floor DX air handling units to support the electrical equipment.
  • Installation of a new 250kVA Perkins generator and fuel tank at the rear of the building.

We also fitted:

  • CCTV, intruder and door access on all new entrances.
  • A fire suppression system in the new technical space.
  • New electrical containment.
  • Rectifier modules.
  • UPS distribution.
  • SCADA monitoring.