Achieving the optimum environment for the critical infrastructure equipment in your data centre is accomplished by understanding how to manage a number of variables, each impacting on the other.

The heat that’s generated, how it’s dispersed, the way air flows around the equipment in a data centre, and even the outside temperature all need to be considered when creating the perfect environment in the most cost-effective way.

FEL Group engineers factor all of them into the way your data centre is designed and maintained, which means we are able to make space for expansion in the future without the need for further data centres, thus optimising the footprint of your existing facilities.

One of our key optimisations allows for dynamic cooling control that provides significant energy saving benefits of up to 75% within data centres and technical spaces. By processing rack temperature data across the full technical space, the control philosophy is designed to match IT load with a balanced amount of cooling and airflow. The control works to utilise as much external ‘free’ air as possible, holding off any traditional direct expansion (DX) and chilled water units where possible. This provides the most optimal set up for energy optimisation whilst maintaining ASHRAE TC9.9 thermal compliance within the space.