FEL Group are now the largest provider of critical infrastructure services in the region. We have always strived to be the leaders in our field from the early days of being the sole provider of Air Conditioning services to the likes of major high street banks and retail chains, to where we find ourselves today, delivering multi-disciplined critical technical services to National Infrastructure clients.

In recent years FEL Group has embarked on achieving the highest accreditations and thus are justifiably proud of its ISO standards in Quality, Environmental, Information Security and most importantly Health & Safety. This is a gateway to success and is marked by a continuation of, customer focus, employee enhancement and environmental stewardship. Our continued mission is to do things better,however tough that may be.


At FEL Group our plan is simple, to improve what we do every day. We jointly cut both our customers and our own carbon emissions, through delivering technological and advanced solutions, therefore reducing waste in both materials and energy.

For having such pristine environmental benefits, we have gained accreditations such as our FGAS compliance, to help reduce the global carbon footprint.


We believe that as a company, it is our responsibility to continue our focus on being an exceptional place to work. We achieve this by our continued investment in not only our people, but to work tirelessly in raising the profile of our health and safety from our employees, to our whole supply chain. We remain determined that FEL Group’s great reputation is passed on to our future generations of staff employees and to treat everyone as part of the FEL Group family. We are a people business, and we believe that our staff are the most important element to FEL Group’s success. This is why we provide training and career enhancement opportunities to everyone where this can be applied. We also run successful apprenticeship and graduate programmes to enhance the qualifications of both our technical and administration employees. We believe that you should invest in a person to enable them to leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want to!

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is one of the main core elements of our company in which we take a serious approach on. We have gained many accreditations to ensure that our employees and customers are safe in our environments. Accreditations include CHAS, Safe Contractor, Construction line and RISQS. This ensures that not only do our customers feel safe, but our employees do too.


It is FEL Group’s responsibility to ensure that our critical infrastructure, air conditioning and refrigeration installations contain results with quality next generation technology to ensure that you gain a forward thinking, cost efficient air management solution. It is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety, planning, development, design, installation and maintenance of a job is given with the best quality of service imaginable. We believe that our customers have made us grow into who we are today and in return, we provide them with a friendly service when completing a project with them, leaving customers with a smile, and FEL Group with yet another successful job.

Security and Confidentiality

To maintain and secure the confidential documents and information of our employees and customers, we have an expertise system in place to ensure that everything is kept safe and protected from any unauthorised personnel. Each member of staff attends a security training programme once a month to ensure they are up to date with any security issues circulating in the news and are trained with what to do should we face this to ensure our customers are kept confidential and protected from any external source. We take our safety seriously by gaining accreditations such as ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Social Responsibility

FEL Group’s continuous commitment to contribute to the economic development whilst improving the quality of our air management systems is to enhance the welfare and wellbeing of the customer. It is our social responsibility to ensure that our technology installations will improve your air conditions to be set to the perfect working temperature, whether this is to support IT industries or people.