FEL Group ensures that all of our customers have the opportunity to contribute towards the health of the environment, benefit from energy savings and achieve their objectives.

Our method is simple but effective; to give you choice. We have the knowledge and data to provide you with solutions to help decision making. Our projects start with a return on investment (ROI) as little as 3 years to ‘all energy saving scheme’ solutions that will change your way of power usage with savings in excess of £100k per year.

We have a proven record of saving energy for our customers, and have won awards in partnership with some clients over the years. Validation may be from an exercise as simple as comparison of an energy bill or using our real time telemetry that gives you 24-hour access to your power usage and savings.

We believe in what we do. Our company has a culture with an expectation to be the best. Investment in our people and consideration for our carbon footprint gives you the information you need to make the right decisions.

Mick Nocivelli

Here at FEL Group we have a very experienced team who incorporate ideas and solutions to make the customer experience seamless. FEL Group offer client solutions by firstly assessing the current equipment, its age and performance, installing monitoring equipment for real time information and indicating any problem areas. In addition, we consider our client’s future requirements and potentially the need for expansion in the current space or new areas.

Mick Nocivelli, Design Engineer