Our objective is to create the perfect atmosphere for your mission-critical infrastructure.

Over the last 20 years, FEL Group has earned healthy respect from our peers, customers and suppliers for delivering engineering services to a broad spectrum of industries. From environmental engineering and offsite manufacture to rail, information technology and facilities services. FEL Group designs engineering solutions that keep costs down and quality up.

We try to engage with customers as early as possible in the project concept. This gives our design teams the opportunity to deploy new, innovative techniques to solve our customers problems. We understand that IT infrastructure is critical to every business, especially when it is your business and therefore design and build systems, that have dual redundancies, as well as investing heavily in temporary and mobile equipment.

We control temperature. We control humidity. We remove contaminants from the air, and we provide appropriate ventilation, ensuring that everything works in harmony to create the perfect environment – no matter if it’s for the data centre at the heart of your business, the processes you operate, or the people you employ.

Rob Gainer

Our design department is staffed by true engineers who get their fulfilment from seeing the implementation of well-designed engineering solutions and schemes which exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on establishing the ‘best’ solution for our customers taking into account the optimum use of expenditure, space available, and power. While ensuring the required return on investment and future requirements are catered for. As a team we have a wealth of experience and product knowledge giving us the ability to develop holistic solutions for challenging requirements in building services with a particular strength in data centres.

Rob Gainer, Mechanical Designer

Rebecca, Service Manager

Step 1: Listen and learn

We start the design process at the end – by looking at what you need and when you need it. Those clear outcomes are the foundations for the most effective turnkey solution we’ll design and build for you.

A number of factors may influence the outcomes, such as noise, space and energy consumption, so we take the time to understand your business and working environment when designing your overall solution, selecting the most appropriate equipment for it.

Our work on your behalf starts with the building, perhaps the one you already use, or a redundant one you want to move into or create a datacentre in. Whatever your all-important end point, a building’s atmosphere is critical to its effective use. We provide you with drawings for approval and present design ideas that show provision for future growth and expansion before we start.

Phil, Senior M&E Estimator

Step 2: Measure and manage

During the planning stages, we monitor power use to establish a benchmark for accurate measurement of future energy savings. Once the solution is agreed, we’ll be your main contractor, delivering building, mechanical and electrical services packages to create a complete turnkey solution.

Because we’re a future-thinking business, we’ll always deliver solutions using equipment that’s reliable and cost-effective to install and run. Our expertise and experience include planning the whole infrastructure, its technical specification and any physical work to do with walls, ceilings and raised floors. We will implement the installation and management of your:

  • AC/DC power supplies
  • DCIM
  • UPS / Rectifier distribution
  • IT cable containment
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy optimised Cooling
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Life safety arrangements

All of which will be fully integrated to give you an optimum facility.

Sarah, HR Advisor

Step 3: Report and reward

When the system’s complete we’ll monitor power usage and compare it against your pre-installation benchmark, helping you to understand where and how we’ve made the savings that make your business more effective.

And to make sure the system we’ve installed for you continues to operate at its very best, we’ll look after regular maintenance and servicing, delivering the best-possible financial outcomes and peace of mind.

FEL Group provides

  • Monitoring power usage
  • Power benchmarking
  • Performance management
  • Regular maintenance & servicing
  • Long term financial savings
  • Peace of mind