F GAS Legislation

F GAS Legislation

Despite being in place for almost 4 years now, many businesses are still unaware of the legislation on F-Gas regulations and the impact on your business for non-compliance. The updated rules place a high importance on minimising leaks and encouraging regular leak checks depending on the refrigerant charge, with greater emphasis on leak checking of systems with higher global warming potential (GWP).


What is GWP and how does this relate to F-Gas?

GWP is a measure of how much a given mass of a gas contributes to global warming. It is a relative scale which compares the amount of heat trapped by greenhouse gases to the amount of heat trapped in the same mass of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the GWP of CO2 is by definition 1, and the higher the GWP of the refrigerant, the worse it is for the environment.

Understanding regulations

Previous regulations state that a system with 3kg of refrigerant would need leak testing once a year, compared with twice a year for a system with 30kg of refrigerant and every three months for a system with 300kg of refrigerant. However, the revised regulations for leak test requirements are now based on CO2 equivalent tonnes.

This means that a system with the equivalent of 5 tonnes of CO2 would need leak testing once a year, compared with twice a year for an equivalent of 50 tonnes of CO2 and quarterly for 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

We can help you to calculate the CO2 equivalent of your current air con system and understand the leak testing requirements for your business. Contact us to request help

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